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Do you have bedtime battles with your kids? 

One little dinosaur will help them get ready for bed!

On a sunny afternoon just after the big shadows began to grow below the trees, a brachiosaurus was born. There were no doctors, no hospital, not even a birth certificate back then. This little dinosaur had to break through the hard eggshell all on his own. Most of the dinosaurs hatched from eggs in giant nests built from dirt and rock. While some dinosaurs like the stegosaurus and the pterodactyl had four to six eggs per nest, the Brachiosaurus had one or maybe two at a time.

That brings us back to our new friend who saw his first sunset over 199 million years ago. Before toys, books, cars, even dogs, cats, and people were here. They had the entire earth to themselves which meant there was a lot of exploring to do. Thankfully we have a friend to travel around with.

His name was Little Lucky, and it is clear to see why. All the herbivores from around the nesting grounds came to see the new-born dinosaur with the four-leaf clover on his back. Although he was born from an egg, he already weighed a whopping 150 pounds, and he was just an average baby Brachiosaur!
His mother and father were jumping with joy; this had to be a sign that they’d have good luck. Lucky was born right after his twin brothers Brak and Bruk who were even larger and wider than he was. It was a happy day for the Brachiosaurus family, and it was only the beginning.

- Full-color pictures with funny scenes
- Simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner
- Perfect bedtime book that keep your kids interested
- Board game and other creative games are included

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February 15
George Owen

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