Lustful College Girls

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A girl goes to college and is free, for the first time in her life, of familial restraint, and can lead the life she wants. Here are stories of those girls enjoying themselves sexually, not having to answer to anything but their desires. The descriptions of what they do are explicit and detailed, so this book is intended for adults only.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

From “Muff-Diving Sorority Girls”:
Marilyn Hayes had an important mid-term exam the next day, and knew she had to cram for it, but was too nervous and high-strung to study. She needed to relax, and she knew it, and Marilyn also knew how to do it. She picked up her cell phone and called Susan Crain, a sorority sister and one of her favorite study chums.
“Hi, Sue. How ya doin’?”

“Not so great, Mair. I have a term paper due in two days, and I can’t seem to concentrate. How about you?”

About the same. I need to study for a big exam, and I can’t get my mind on what I’m doing. I need a nice hot session with another girl, and it sounds like you do too.”

“You know it. Phil is down here, and we were about to get started on one. Why don’t you come on down and join us? Okay with you, Phil?” she asked another study chum whom Marilyn also knew and liked. “It’s fine with Phil; come on down, so we can all go down.” Sue chuckled at the double entendre in the last sentence.

Marilyn grinned, because she knew what would be happening as soon as she got there, and it was just what she needed. “Be right there,” she replied, and ended the connection.

All the women in that sorority house know the best way to relax while studying or doing other stressful class work is sex that results in a good, strong orgasm. Most of the women living there prefer having their carnal thrills brought about by men, but it’s not always feasible to go to all that trouble on a weeknight, not to mention the fact some men just didn’t know how to get the job done, or weren’t interested in doing it. A few women choose to m********e when men are not available, but, if they were ever questioned, would admit coming through their own efforts leaves much to be desired.

Fiction & Literature
22 August
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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