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Publisher Description

Tommy Martinez was a shy, awkward teen-aged boy preparing for his senior year at Madison Heights High School. He rode the bus with his best (or only) friend Jimmy where they met Michael Cross, a mysterious new-kid-in-town. After a close call with strange creatures at a football game, Michael revealed to the others that "There are vampires at Madison Heights High School." Michael explained how he learned all about vampires from his father and told the others how this dark species came to be.
In the fifteenth century, an Eastern European prince named Vlad Draculea was betrayed and imprisoned. Vlad prayed to God to every night to liberate him but Satan was the one who answered. Jealous of God’s ability to create life, he would have his revenge by creating an abomination of God’s favorite creation – Man. Angry at God for having not answered his prayers, Vlad, followed Satan’s instructions and escaped. He created an ark with thirteen seals to symbolize the covenant between him and the devil. This was the start of the evil creation.
Vlad returned to his homeland and using great speed and strength he received in his deal with the devil, he easily and mercilessly eradicated the threats to his rule. Discovering that Vlad was most powerful at night his enemies killed him in the daytime but left the Ark. The Pope dispatched his knights who returned the Ark to Rome, where the pope ordered it destroyed. Over the centuries, the Ark was forgotten and the thirteen seals were stolen and sold on the black antiquities market. Where a seal exists vampires can be created. One exists in Madison Heights.
Together, Michael and his friends embarked on a mission to discover the identity of all the vampires and most importantly, their leader. With the help of his new friends, Michael discovered that they needed God's help in order to combat this evil. On the night of the winter solstice (the most sacred night of the year for vampires,) they went into a church and were recruited into holy service by a local priest. With their new found knowledge and divine intervention, they headed off to try to rescue one of their own who was taken by the vampires and stop the vampire clan before they could reach their ultimate goal of immortality.

Young Adult
November 29
Frank Sarabia