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“Don’t let the negative spiral get in the way. You have control of your destiny, use it!”

A personal message to you.

I want to finish with a personal message to you. I have been selling all my life, I just didn’t recognise it until I started to take myself more seriously in business. Once you understand that all communication is selling and all selling is communication, you’ll start to want to be better and more successful at this must have skill. As you get better, you’ll also begin to recognise that great businesses focus on sustainable and exceptional results and these results all depend on communication. I should say great communication.

So learn the skills of selling in this book and adopt the habits mentioned within these pages to. If you do, you’ll be well on the way to being the best you can be for yourself, your family, your business or any business you work with. Reading the book was the easy part. Now you need to separate yourself from the rest by doing the tough bit—putting it into practise.

Join the Rainmakers Club to take full advantage of more material and online help. Join to connect with others, set up and join conversations, start your own discussions and support groups to help you and others to bridge the gap. I am on the site so do connect with me and join the group that is in support of this book. Or you can call me, if you want a nudge to get you going! Enough said, let’s go!

All the very best

Chris Batten

Business & Personal Finance
November 13
AuthorHouse UK

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