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With a job you sell your time. If you don't work, you don't get paid. With a business you have a lot more freedom to come and go. Income doesn't rely on your time.

Leverage your talents and turn your consulting job into a business!
Learn from the mistakes and successes of consultants who've done it before. Learn what to do, and avoid the pitfalls through the examples, stories and useful worksheets. Make your consultancy a business, not a job.

The tips in this book are in 3 sections:
1. Know where you’re going
2. Get over yourself!
3. Set up the infrastructure.

Know where you're going
First, know where you’re going includes:
1. Knowing your outcome
2. Setting some baby steps too
3. Keeping in touch with customers
4. Creating products independent of time
5. Responding! Acting!

Get over yourself!
Next, get over yourself! means:
6. Taking a holiday
7. Making the hard decisions
8. Watching your stress patterns
9. Knowing what you need to know
10. Letting go of Expert

Set up the infrastructure
Finally, setting up the infrastructure is about:
11. Taking time to work on it, not in it
12. Doing it right the first time
13. Getting the right people on the bus
14. Delegating appropriately
15. Making the infrastructure support you

You will find examples and stories for each point, so you can understand and apply it to your own consultancy.

Includes a workbook
Includes a workbook in pdf so you can do all of the thinking and exercises as you read.

Business & Personal Finance
October 18
Cindy Tonkin

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