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This book was written with the objective of sharing some of the most significance experiences that the author has underwent through in managing industrial relation. Important to note that, the experiences elaborated in the book happened within the context of Malaysian manufacturing environment. Therefore, the legal statements mentioned may not be exactly similar if the readers are outside of Malaysia.
However, research and studies made by the author revealed that the gist of the Law is still very much the same within the scope of commonwealth countries.

All the 35 case studies were extracted from the real life experiences of the author gained during two decades as Head of Human Resource department. The case studies were reflected and analyzed from the author's perspective, with no intention to blame any parties involved.

This is not to say that those experiences were the perfect examples of what industrial relation is all about, but the author humbly hopes that it gives an insight of what to expect from the employees or union under similar kind of environments.

The author hopes that it will give an insight of how each situation was resolved, or how it should have been resolved better based on the essence of Malaysian Law, which is the Industrial Relation Act.
The author has no intention to say that, all the solutions taken were the only way to resolve the issues. Trade disputes can be resolved creatively as long as the solution is procedurally correct and legally right.
Again, I humbly apologized if the case studies written in the book offended those who were affected by it.

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August 13
Partridge Publishing Singapore

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