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"Learn how to fight back and win, no matter what. When you get bucked off the horse, get back up! Allison Graham shows you how to saddle up and ride in the game of life!"
–Jeffrey Hayzlett, Founder C-Suite Network

Don't let the book title throw you – I didn't literally marry my mom and I did not give birth to my dog, Winston C. It's a joke that will make sense once you read the book.

What matters most is the subtitle: How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks.

Guaranteed you face challenges; that's life. Unfortunately, without the right tools, those punches will limit your success. I believe you can be extraordinarily, joyful and triumphant, no matter what happens.

The Resiliency Ninja formula is your answer.

For me, I had to learn to succeed and find joy amidst grief, chronic nerve pain, injuries, self-doubt and a bunch of other issues.

When my doctor told me to reevaluate my expectations for my life and business, my answer was "Screw defeat!"

I hope you'll claim the same.

This book unveils the secrets to avoid being a victim, and instead, to rise stronger and better than ever imagined, like a Resiliency Ninja!

"I LOVED this book. It was engaging, funny, and authentically Allison from cover to cover. Allison is honest, real, and courageous and she puts to paper all those things we secretly think in our head."
Gillian Mandich, The Happiness Expert, TV Personality

"A thought provoking account of one woman's path from stuck to success. Allison clearly spells out how the reader can too become a resiliency ninja.  Actionable and insightful, a delightful book for every person who is seeking."
Kelsey Ramsden, Entrepreneur, Named Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur

Health & Well-Being
January 31
Elevate Press