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Corine has just finished working on her latest movie, and is feeling the effects of burnout. Noting her exhaustion, her co-star recommends a retreat in Australia, set in a forest and far away from any contact with any other human beings. She escapes to this retreat and begins to marvel at the odd beauty of the dry continent, with many different colours, smells and sounds, all of which are alien to her. Her chaperone, a simple person whom she simply names The Driver, remains nearby to service any needs that she requires, assuring her that he will grant her utmost privacy.
Now disconnected from the outside world, she begins to explore the forest, discovering little details among the trees that would suggest that she isn't completely alone in the forest. A cryptic message carved on some trees, and some odd formations in the soil pique Corine's interest, and only make her want to delve deeper into the trees to uncover the mystery surrounding the nearby mountain that is behind these anomalies.
Soon she starts to have her own view of the world challenged as she grasps at the idea that her understanding of the world is wrong, and how powerless she truly is despite all the influence and adoration she enjoys back in civilisation.
Mount Forword is the debut story from AP Hunt, exploring the atmosphere of solitude and how an individual’s status can cloud their self-perception of their importance in the world. Corine will explore the forest, and will have to confront just how little she means when faced with grand powers beyond her understanding.

Crime & Thrillers
November 23
Andrew Hunt

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