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It's not a midlife crisis.

It's a midlife summit, and the only question is where your next biggest version of yourself will be expressed in your career. Your heart is calling you into something more, something bigger and perhaps a bit scarier than you've ever done before. And the longer it whispers, the louder it seems to get. And even though you know it's time to move on, you have no idea what's next.

Even though you don't know exactly what's next in your career, you still can:

●Find joy, ease, and clarity as you learn how to transition to a career that is more in alignment with your heart and soul at this stage in your life

●Uncover a new standard of security, one that is not solely based on income, but instead encompasses life experiences, fulfilling connection, and contribution

●Feel comforted as you learn how to be gently guided forward, step by step towards your dream career

●Enjoy a sense of purpose in your career on a daily basis as you work to make the world a better place in your own, meaningful way

Author Elizabeth Ward will guide you through this new and uncharted territory that you find yourself in with regard to your career. With her encouraging, semi-snarky supportive style and by sharing her own personal experiences with navigating 'next-level' changes in her career several times…she will show you that there is a more authentic way to approach your career and the new path your heart is calling you to at this stage in your life.

Business & Personal Finance
June 22
Positive Energy Publications

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