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A month ago, Susan Benton was attacked on her way home by a crazy woman. Now, the full moon is rising again, and with it, Susan's body and mind are changing! No longer plain old Susan, but hot, horny Suzie, she will have it all! Her hard-ass professor, her lesbian roommate, and her shy study-buddy will get a taste of her uncontrollable libido. Because tonight is the "Night of the Were-Bimbo!"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Laurie didn’t look up from her book when she opened up the door. “Well, that didn’t take long. Was Reynolds not there? Or did he give you a straight answer for a change? I haven’t heard from…” her voice trailed off in shock as Suzie walked into the living room, then she bounced to her feet. “Who are you?” she demanded. “How did you get in here?”

“Lauren Wu.” Suzie put her hands on her hips. “We’ve lived together for the last three years. And I’ve got a key.” She waved it at her friend. “Who do you think I am?”

“Holy cow. Susan?”

“I think I like Suzie better.”

“What the heck…” Her eyes took in her face, her hair, her body, lingering on her chest. “What happened to you?”

“The moon blessed me.” She looked out the east-facing window. Her lady was higher now, her silvery glow caught in the branches of the maple next door like a fish in a net, and her power was lessened by the lights inside the apartment. But her light was still enough to make her almost writhe in ecstasy. “She called, and I answered. My body drank in her light, and now I’m different. Hotter. Sexier.” Her voice dropped to a low growl. “Aroused.”

“Susan.” Laurie stepped forward, taking her wrists in her hands. “Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds? The moon can’t…the moon can’t change your body! It’s just the moon!”

“Oh, why so serious?” She booped Laurie’s nose, just for fun. “Boop. Who cares? I’ve got a great big old set of boobs right now and they are awesome. And look at my legs!” She pulled down the straps of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. “I mean, come on! Who cares how it happened, am I right?”

“Yeah. Right.” Laurie looked away, her dark skin flushing.

“Hey, sweetie.” She cocked her head in confusion. “What’s wrong?”


Suzie was confused, but then her nose caught a musky tang in the air.

The scent of an aroused woman.

She wants me. Her body grew hot and sweaty, slick with renewed desire. I bet she knows how to take care of a woman. Unlike stupid old Professor Reynolds. “Laurie? Are you horny for me?”

Fiction & Literature
April 24
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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