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Want to get free of anxiety for good? Ready for better quality sleep at last? Want better problem-solving skills? Looking to simply enjoy life more? Ready for more happiness? Ready for better personal performance?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the book for you!
After taking a look at what anxiety really is, how it is held in place, as well as how anxiety functions as a process, we get to examine powerful, realistic strategies that you can apply now to defeat anxiety in just one short week!
That’s right! In just 7 short days you can get the skills to make anxiety history, for good! You can track your progress in your own; ‘Defeat Anxiety 7 Day Journal’, and this journal itself contains more simple tasks and guidance to help you take control and make the lasting changes you need. This book is dedicated to helping you take control and hold a solid direction, for good!
This book is structured in such a way that you are free to dip in from place to place to suit your inclination or need. It even has a brief (about 40 words) summary at the beginning of each chapter. You can click on the contents and visit the various parts. In fact, I’ve reduced the entire book to a single page toward the end! I did this because it sometimes helps to dip and scan, and perhaps get a sentence or two that helps you hold a good direction.
You might go straight to your “7 Day Journal” template and check some of the processes and techniques presented there. You might choose to look over the brief descriptions of a few of the various therapies available. They’re included here because, in my experience at least, these therapies deliver results in as brief a time frame as possible. It is true that all therapies are successful in some contexts and the quality of rapport in the client-therapist relationship is clearly not without significance.
An invitation
Whatever your inclination, I invite you to approach this book in a spirit of curiosity and openness to possibilities. You might just be very pleasantly surprised! Enjoy!

Health & Well-Being
November 15
George Owen

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