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Although How to Cope with a Hitler was the beginning motivation to write this book,

the inclusions grew like Topsy. The themes threading their way through the pages are

consistent even though interrupted by various personal experiences and musings. The

themes are relateda kinder and gentler everybody, active nonviolent solutions to

problems, improved leadership, and improved followers. Some proposals in my musings

may seem far-out, but if you can stay with me to the end, you may be satisfied. My

audacity to even consider a Soviet nonviolent response to Hitler need not discredit the

other musings herein.

Gandhi urged his countrymen, as they entered jail for the cause of freedom, to go as the bridegroom enters the brides chamberthat is, with a little trepidation but with great expectation. Such is the way we can approach the adventure of applied nonviolence.

Many examples of effective nonviolence are included in this book as well as a few light-hearted comments. One approach is to lift up logic and practicality. If Will Rogers were
still with us he would have a ball commenting on todays world, especially the lack of

logic in our war-making. Anyway, we have Michael Moore.

During my writing in early 2003, the air was full of war talk, so I couldnt resist doing

three chapters on emotions before, during, and after the invasion of Iraq. To add to those

musings my wife and I visited Iraq in June, 2003 to get a firsthand experience with the

people. Wars are graphic examples of human failures and frailty, so this book is intended

to give a nudge to Americans to think for themselves, create more friends, and lose some

foes. Im suggesting that is a more efficient way to reach our long-term goals than to bomb and kill and threaten.

The book may be interesting, helpful, or provoking (entertaining) for anyone, including readers who differ with me. There are musings about what could be, throughout the book, and parts of my life experience related to the theme are included.

Please forgive me for being a little flippant, intolerant occasionally, or letting you finish sentences at times.

Ralph Dull

September 10
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