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This book contains all three books in my One More Time Series told in chronological order, and features a collection of over 320 of my poems created over several years. Dedicated to those who fell in love with and found "the One". That one person they felt they were meant to be with no matter what life or circumstance threw at them.

The journey of love and discovery is universal, yet at the same time we all see and feel it in a very personal and unique way. From the butterflies and anticipation of those first moments you share with someone while discovering mind blowing highs that you both can share to the devastating pain and loss that are suffered after a parting, we feel every moment. Yet as we travel through that roller coaster of moments throughout this book, there is a message of love and hope that continues through every page. This collection has been lovingly written to reach the heart, exploring many sexually charged encounters and fantasies to the many different aspects and stages of love itself.

Love is without a doubt a powerful force. And when you get a glimpse of that rarest kind of love …the kind you feel with that 'one' special person… can take you that can be the biggest force for change within anyone's life. Sometimes we aren't able to explain why we love someone the way we do, we are just driven by some powerfully mysterious force within us to pursue them because we feel we were born to be a part of the others lives, no matter what it takes. A greater purpose than what we can even understand ourselves. This book is a result of that purpose for me, and a journey of those thoughts and feelings.

Fiction & Literature
January 8
Rychard Kwiatkowski

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