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Contents (in order of appearance):
1) The Woman (Parts One and Two)
2) The Telephone
3) From Jupiter to Earth
4) All the Melted Faces
5) Literal George
6) Footsteps
7) Upstairs
8) Martian and the Mutants
9) Neptune's Nature
10) N.F. Volkovsky Was All For Quartz
11) The Mystery of Emma Black-Blake
12) A Dark Comedy
13) Porcelain Plasticity
14) The Parlor of Life
15) Sunnyside Up Eggs and Polyphonic, Yet Monotheistic, Symphony
16) Eleanor
17) The Enlightening Corridors
18) Presently the Future Tense
19) Hash Browns with Ketchup, Please
20) Marble Exterior and Chocolate Interior Cake
21) Ghost Town
22) The Circus Tent Fiasco (Happy Ending)
23) Ramble, Forward We Move Backwards
24) Lovesick Mail Sent
25) Cathode Tube People
26) 1907 Candy Cigarettes
27) Once, I Ate Our Refrigerator
28) The Diamond Road
29) Magical Piercing Eyes
30) Composed But Psychologically Altered Courtroom
31) Exhaling (Finale)
32) The Parcel Bicyclist and His Sweet Hearted Lady
33) Peculiar Tale
34) Thou's Thy Purest Love
35) Antiseptic Cartoon Advertisements
36) I On Stage
37) Perplexing Riddles (An Introduction)
38) Jezebelle (Part One)
39) Jezebelle (Part Two)
40) Web Gerald, the Serial Killer, and His Housemaid
41) Jumping Around (Horror Glances)
42) Hey, Let the Brave People Scream Once in a While
43) Factual Lies
44) Epilogue
45) The Happy-Go-Lucky Motherfucker
46) For Completing Me, I Thank You
47) Insignia Bosom Broads on a Night-Train
48) Past Life (Shakespeare and I)
49) Disproportionate Perfection Killer
50) The Propaganda Director
51) The Fiberglass House
52) A Private Universe Outside of Earth
53) April 2019 Poems (The Laughing Puppet Master's Orchestra, Sleepless Night, Letting Go, Weird Dreams I Had Two Midnights Ago, I Thank Ye 6/4 Time or An Instrumental Fragment)
54) The Abandoned House in Random Field
55) The Opposition of Celebration Versus Cliff Blaze and Hazel Iris
56) Tapdancing on Saturn's Rings
57) Bizarre Ten Fingers Per Hand and Bullet Staring Eyes Land
58) Pollenating Flowers
59) He, a Haunting
60) Dustin Lewit's Very First Full Length Novel
61) Adventure, Action-Packed
62) The Supreme Ruler of Reality
63) The Middle of Imagination
64) The Middle of Imagination Sequel
65) The Middle of Imagination Episode Three
66) The Middle of Imagination Episode Four, Being the Conclusion
67) Height
68) The Universe of Dustin Lewit (It's Only Lambert Chelsea and Elysia Burne Dancing Again, The Shadows Have Built a Figure, Mysterious Transparency, Trashy Romantic Garbage, The Perverted Effigy That Almost Found Shame, An Original Replica, Tumultuous Arrangement Gone Perfect, Pyramid Fantasy Stopping Place, Gloomy Day For Excited Limbo Ghosts, If You're Still With Me, Hat's Off to You)
69) Enjoyably Surreal Sketches
70) The Artificially Intelligent Invasion
71) Musical Flying Note Contraption
72) The Tragedy of Daphne Victoria and Louis Ollie
73) " 'Shut Up Kid!' ", or Paradoxes for Those Thinking Outside of Boxes
74) Mr. Lewit Certainly is an Odd One
75) A Crooked Scene
76) We're Home!
77) Swelling Orchestral Beauty
78) William the Scumbag
79) Monocle Master Beware!
80) My Latest Offering
81) A One Hardy Prunella
82) Reinvention
83) The Empty Eyed Chet Francis
84) The Trouble with Perfection
85) What Has Odelia Dena Done?
86) The Wild Surroundings of a Mild Merlin Abbott
87) The Rolandas and Getaway Cars
88) The Train Robber's Epiphany
89) Mr. Fortune Paints Himself Trouble
90) The Storyteller Sings His Story of the Powder Blue Piano
91) The Television/Human Hybrid
92) Invisibility
93) What Could Go Wrong with an Accordion, Harmonica, Theremin, and Cheap B Movie Scream Queens as a Backup Choir?
94) Venturesome Silly Encounters Nudniks and Putziks
95) Five Part Act
96) Edison Selwin
97) Signals Crossed
98) Riverboat on Cement
99) The Mime
100) Micro-Fiction Collection
and 26 more!

All material written by Dustin Lewit. Copyright 2018-2020 by Dustin Lewit. All rights reserved.

Fiction & Literature
15 August
Dustin Lewit

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