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"Christina has taken my favorite book on OKRs and deepened it by answering all the hardest questions people run into putting it to work in the real world. Thank you once again!"   – Bruce McCarthy, author and founder of Product Culture

The award-winning author of The Team That Managed Itself and Pencil Me In returns with a new and expanded edition of her landmark book on OKRs. 

Struggling to adopt Objectives and Key Results? Radical Focus teaches you everything you need. The author pulls from her experience with Silicon Valley's hottest companies to teach practical insights on OKRs in the form of a fable. 

When Hanna and Jack receive an ultimatum from the only investor  in their struggling tea supply company, they must learn how to employ OKRs to achieve the radical focus they need. Using Hanna and Jack's story, Wodtke walks readers through how to inspire a diverse team to work together in pursuit of a single, challenging goal, and how to stay motivated despite setbacks and failures. 

Radical Focus has been translated into six languages and sold more than 60,000 copies. Now, the second edition of her OKR manifesto proves that Wodtke's business strategies are essential in a world where focus seems to be a more and more unreachable goal. The updated version includes 50 well-written, clear OKR sets to inspire and guide you, as well as 22,000 words of all-new material designed to help OKR users in the enterprise create and manage OKRs. If you want to accelerate success and drive rapid organizational learning, you need to read this book.

Ready to move your team in the right direction? Read together and learn Wodtke's powerful system for attaining your most important goals with radical focus. 

"It has been five years since Christina published the first edition of Radical Focus. The book has gone on to become a favorite for thousands of product people working to learn how to empower their teams, and utilize the OKR technique… I think you will love [the second edition]. It will inspire you." 

– Marty Cagan, author of Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

"Radical Focus is a must-read for anyone who wants to accomplish out-sized results. Christina does a great job showing both the why and the how of OKRs. Avoid the all-too-common mistakes by reading this book first."

– Teresa Torres, author of Continuous Discovery Habits

"Everything good I've ever learned about OKRs I learned from Christina Wodtke and Radical Focus."

– Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, Sense & Respond and Forever Employable

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20 April
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