Ramen Cookbook for Beginners‪:‬

150 Easy, Flavorful, and Traditional Recipes to Enjoy your Favorite Japanese Ramen at Home With No Prior Cooking Experience!

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    • 47,99 zł

Publisher Description

150+ Recipes To Enjoy Japanese Ramen At Your Own Home Kitchen With No Prior Cooking Experience!
(For Complete Newbies and Experienced Chefs)

Are you a fan of Japanese food but don’t want to spend a fortune in an expensive, high-quality restaurant to enjoy the food you like?

Would you like to make your heart and stomach happy daily without spending hours in the kitchen?
Or maybe you would love to travel to Japan one day and want to have a taste of it before you get there?

Many skeptics say that Ramen cooking is expensive, time-consuming, and even confusing.

But I am here to destroy all those myths and give you an opportunity to feel, smell and taste Japanese food at its best quality, from the comfort of your own home, at a fair price, and without spending hours while cooking! Are you excited?

Here is what’s inside:
How to prepare your kitchen before cooking? The easy way to get ready for the most delicious Japanese Ramen breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Complete, Time-tested Ramen preparation guide – literally everything you need to know about broth, noodles, toppings, and seasoning in the most simplistic format that any newbie to the kitchen could understand.
Over 150 Mouth-Watering Ramen Recipes – chicken, pork, seafood, beef, vegetarian, vegan recipes all in the right order, organized and ready for you and your whole family to enjoy
Serving for one or the whole family? Detailed cooking instructions, serving sizes, and even nutritional facts included (everything you need to start Japanese cooking with ease, just follow the directions and enjoy the food!)
Much much more…

Listen, I have been cooking for over 9 years, and Japanese food has been my love and passion for more than 6 years, so inside this book, you’ll find recipes that are tested and enjoyed by many people, including Japanese cooking masters from Tokyo!

Another purpose I had for this book was to make this collection easily accessible and possible even for people who have never cooked a single Japanese dish before. And you’ll be able to do that with all the detailed instructions you’ll get!

So what are you waiting for?

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17 January