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Rediscovering Genesis is an exciting new look at the evolution/creation controversy. Its author is neither scientist nor theologian so he can present an objective point of view. The premise of the book is that both religion and science describe the same Universe and must be compatible. It accomplishes that goal by exposing the hidden assumptions and
self-imposed restriction of both disciplines, and challenging them. It documents the changes needed from both disciplines. The book presents a well researched effort to root out the causes of the evolution/creation controversy and to discovers a solution that includes both disciplines.

While the book is aimed at a Christian audience, it has much to offer to the less committed individuals as well. It will be of special interest to those who have been, or are currently being, exposed to the Theory of Evolution in our educational systems. It will be invaluable to the parents of those students. It will serve as a guide to educators. It will be of interest to all that are aware of the present controversy.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part looks at the biblical creation account in the first 4 chapters of Genesis. By incorporating our modem knowledge into this account,
it becomes compatible with both the scientific account of our beginning and the literal seven days of creation described in the Bible. That is a necessary first step in resolving
the controversy between science and religion . Part 1 goes on to bring a new, deeper understanding of our relationship with our Creator.

Part two brings us face-to-face with two major roadblocks to accepting a world-view that includes a Creator:
(1) the problem of suffering in our world and,

(2) the evolution/creation controversy.
The first roadblock, the problem of suffering, occurs only in the teaching of Christianity. It occurs because we misunderstand the relationship of the Creator with His creation. Understanding this special relationship starts in Genesis.

Misunderstanding and misinformation have marked the second, the evolution/creation controversy, from the very beginning. This book explains the facts that are important for
general understanding. It goes on to closely examine the scientific definition of life and shows where it leads . This is also a necessary step in resolving the evolution/science

Throughout the book, the overriding theme is authority and its important function in our lives. It is the common ground where both science and religion can merge. Find out how it can change your world-view and your life.

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November 2
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