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During the third quarter of 2015, two trillion dollars of equity vanished in a ten day period from the U.S. equity markets. While this was going on, the Dow Jones zig zagged over 10,000 cumulative points. The Great Correction of 2015 was underway. During this time author of Risk Literacy was writing a logbook and daily journal of every trade he made. The book begins before this meaningful technical correction of the indexes gets underway, and ends a short time later.
Written by M.J. Milner, this book honestly captures the first person, reluctant journey of an investor with decades of experience in the markets. The books succeeds on several levels, some quite unexpected. Originally intended as a trip down the rabbit hole of income stream replacement by the aggressive use of limited financial resources, the shifting pressure accelerates almost as soon as the financial memoir begins. An older member of a generation whose retirement plans were sideswiped by a hit and run Great Recession, he tangles head on with the uncertainty of the markets and the international economies that move them. The author, M.J. Milner started out writing one book that was meant to create a simple understanding of a trading period that should have been easily managed. He was attempting to extract $2,000 a month from a limited amount of money and keep his original capital intact. While trading and watching the cable Network CNBC, he explains in great detail the ideas behind his positions, risk literacy methodology and investment philosophies. This book was written as a guide to all investors, but in particular, anyone who has limited capital and is attempting to extract a replacement flow of income by investing and speculating in the market.
How the author did is not revealed until the closing chapters of the book, but these financial events, from the point of view of an amateur investor, are captured so they can be converted into useful guidelines and rules. It is a fun read!

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February 14