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As a brand new self-directed investor and trader with zero knowledge of the business you are at a loss as to what information you actually do and do not need. Much of what the current trading education industry is putting out is not only giving you information that is all backwards, it is very unrealistic to do in the live markets, and can get you into a lot of trouble if you are trading without rules. The information in this book will put you on the fast track to making an unlimited income from trading the financial markets as a self-directed beginner.

New self-directed traders also spend waaaay too much time on looking for the magical combination of indicators, settings and colors they think will show them something that is going to help them make more money. There are no shortcuts or bells that go ding to tell you to enter the right position so stop looking right now because the markets only work on supply and demand and you can plainly see this on a price chart if you know what you’re looking for.

The learning curve in this business and it is a business can be long, brutal and very very expensive if you learn the wrong way. This book aims to tell you how do study it the right way the first time and greatly reduce that long learning curve by showing you what the market is really made of and who are actually in control of it and when they are in control of it. When you have this information and can see it on a live price chart in real time and pull the trigger without hesitation you can make a lot of damn money!

This book cuts right to the core and lays out a progressive foundation of principles on which you can begin trading for high profit as long as you have done the education and training the right way from the first day. There is no easy way to learning this business and it requires a lot of commitment of time to learn it properly the right way from the first day. The good news is you do it; the even better news is that you will be able to make an unlimited amount of money from doing it. Isn’t that the type of business you would like to be in, what are you waiting for?

Business & Personal Finance
February 1
Jose Mosca

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