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This historical novel is based on the tradition of a remote village in the during the early 19th Century. It focused on the journey of an ordinary woman, Abebe who dared all and gave all for the love of her only child. It was set against the back drop of the tradition of the tribe that all lamed newborn must be sacrificed in the dreaded forest to appease the gods. Fate, events and village busybody, Ireti all worked unknowingly in her favor when she returned against all odds to the village after being sentenced to death at the forest.Its a tale of love and willpower playing together to force a Kingdom and its culture to standstill.When the poor palm wine tapper married the village beauty, he thought his life was complete until his wife gave birth to a lame child. This abomination demand the evil boy be sacrificed at the dreaded forest. The stubborn mother refused to let go and she was banished with her son. When she returned from the dreaded forest with arms and legs intact and the son alive, she set the whole village on a course history never before treaded. Events, chances and divine orchestrations worked in her favor as she fought the power that be who are bent on making sure she and her evil son died by hook or crook. This is a story that take the readers through the mind of an ordinary woman and how her uncompromising stand changed the course of history in her village. It explored the depth of history and web of cultures. From religion to politics, love and hate, gossip and economic power all playing against the destiny of a little boy who does not have power over what has befallen him.

Fiction & Literature
July 9
Emma O'dipe

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