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Today the world's attention is focused on the economic crisis, but in the future the crisis of the family is much more dangerous for Europe. The demographic catastrophe inevitably leads to ethnic degeneration of the peoples who founded modern civilization. Why is the world community more concerned about the decline in the population of polar bears and tigers, than decline in the population of white people, which is not less catastrophic, is it?
In the development of economics we are choosing the path leading our civilization to self-destruction. The crisis of the family is imposed by the crisis of Christian church and degradation in many spheres. We need to change the vector of development. The world must be ruled by love and reason, not by greed and malice. We will never defeat terrorism by police methods alone. It is necessary to oppose ideas of hatred with more appealing ideas of love.
We need radical changes in relationships between men and women in order to solve demographic problems successfully. Native European peoples must strive to increase their birth rates much more than focusing on the growth of stock exchange indices and incredible wasteful consumption. As everyone knows, only love defines real happiness, not money.
The main themes of the book: demented consumption and progressive degradation of society, demographic catastrophe and the threat of ethnic degeneration of Europe, crisis of the family and Christian Church, history of sexual revolution and sexual culture, a creeping ethnic war and love as a weapon. The book deals with the most acute problems of our civilization and offers real and bold solutions. The author supports his conclusions with the opinions of famous scientists, politicians and ordinary people. This book contains an anti-terrorist message and opposes the radical ideas of hatred with radical ideas of love.

Chapter 1. The epidemic of consumer idiotism
The mechanism of self-destruction * Advertising as a tool of ideology * Falling into the abyss * Consequences of the wild race * Radical changes are needed
Chapter 2.
Demographic catastrophe
Europeans are dying out * How we are distroying our future * Reverse expansion * Lessons from European history * A world-scale tragedy
Chapter 3.
The progressive degradation
Historical analogy * Intellectual decline * Shopkeepers are ruling now, not aristocrats... * Anti-culture and anti-harmony * People have become worse than beasts
Chapter 4.
Crisis within the Christian church
Deserted temples * The forgotten kingdom of love * Why Islam is setting in
Chapter 5.
The new vector of development
A planet of idiots? * Greed has won over the Reason * Criteria of progress * The strategy of reasonable development \n

Chapter 6.
The first sexual revolution
Socialization of women * Love and sexual communism * Sexual freedom –to people! * Get rid of shame! * Commune instead of the family * Sexual counterrevolution * The key issue
Chapter 7.
Eros and Civilization
The League of sexual reforms * American studies and experiments * The second sexual revolution * Sexual education and sexual culture * Pornography as a mirror of morality
Chapter 8.
The thirst for love and sexual hunger
The phenomenon of love * Love and sex * Sex and health * Sexual discrimination of the youth * Non-traditional relationships * Is prostitution immortal? * The era of masturbation
Chapter 9.
The crisis of the family
The history of marriage * The problem of acquaintance and harmony * The war of sexes * Parents and children * Love and faithfulness * New forms
Chapter 10.
Revolution of love and ethnic war
Lies, love and economics * The Golden age after the Apocalypse * A creeping ethnic war * Freedom to young love! * The family commune * The role of Russia * The world reason instead of the world government

February 3
Arseniy Sobolevskiy