Songwriting: Essential Guide to Song Structure, Lyrics Form and Melodic Progressions

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You Are About To Discover How To Take Your Songwriting Skill To The Next Level, Even If You've Struggled To Get Your Creative Juices To Write Your First Song!

Another poor-performing song?  Take your songwriting to the next level today with this guide and find out what it means to be a successful songwriter!

Have you always wanted to become a better song-writer, get your songs to get better reception and reach more people but you've never found a way to get yourself out of the lyrical hole/ confinement that you're stuck in?

Then keep reading…

Are you sick and tired of writing mediocre songs that never do well and earning less than you desire from your music?

Have you tried seeking inspiration from countless musical pieces, sharpening your perceived weaknesses and spending too much time on futile techniques aimed at improving your songwriting but nothing ever seems to improve your songs?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the recurrent thoughts about quitting on songwriting or settling for low standards and discover something, which works for you?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

You see, being an award-winning songwriter and writing great music that truly defines you as a unique artist doesn't have to be difficult- no matter how many bland songs you've written before.

In fact, it's easier than you think.

Experts will tell you that the simple act of embracing guidance from a good "manual" to walk you through the steps of a successful song-writing journey is the one thing most artists that never do well never appreciate.

But you're here, meaning that you've made the right choice, and this book is the only manual you'll ever need.

More precisely, the book will teach you:
The meaning and importance of songwritingThe different techniques of songwriting and how to adopt each depending on the situationHow to compose pop musicHow to compose a nation hit without feeling like pulling off your hairHow to play the guitar strategically to boost your songwriting skillsetSome of the best songwriting tips from stars that you can adoptHow to effectively begin a melody like a proAn extreme manual for songwriting that you can follow easilyHow to modify your song effectively200 things to compose a song aboutHow to turn your songwriting practice into a business
…and much, much more!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced songwriter, take a second to imagine how you'd feel when you make your first ten successful songs and hear them through multiple mainstream media broadcasts.

Imagine how you'd feel finally getting the amount of reception, money and musical success you've always desired.

Perhaps more importantly, how would you feel knowing and being confident in the fact that the next song you're going to write will become a hit?

If you really desire to know how things would turn out for you when you finally learn the fundamentals of songwriting, this book is for you!

So why wait any longer?

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1 May
Frank Johnson

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