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The Atkins Diet has been around us for almost half a century now and, surprisingly or not, it is still one of the most common choices when it comes to adopting a healthier eating plan. At the same time, multiple controversial attitudes concerning the real safety degree of this diet have appeared, making Atkins’s idea even more intriguing.

However, if there is one thing that we can all agree upon, that is the fact that there are thousands and thousands of persons who have numerous reasons to be grateful to Dr. Atkins.

But the Atkins Diet is not the easiest one to integrate in your lifestyle. With entire food categories almost completely excluded from your menu, it can be a problem to find the right recipes to keep you full and to satisfy or make you forget about your annoying food cravings.

And this is exactly what this book is going to help you with: it will introduce you to 36 healthy, delicious Atkins-friendly recipes for all the four phases of this diet. You will also find multiple recipes for your vegan or vegetarian menu. And that is not all: the book will present you a new way to see and taste your diet – through the incredible power that your slow cooker (or crock pot) brings to you.

Already curious? Let’s see what other interesting aspects this book will help you with:
The origins of this dietHow to accept this diet easierUseful information about your own slow cookerWhich foods are recommended and which ones must be avoidedHow to prepare simple Atkins-friendly recipes with the help of your slow cookerEssential tips and tricks for an easier diet
These and many other useful pieces of information are presented in the inside chapters.

No diet has ever been easier! Eat, enjoy your meals, and get thinner in a healthy way.

Download this book now and learn how to lose weight wisely.

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February 8
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