The Fate Of Luminar: A Short Tale From The Era Of Darkness

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Publisher Description

The Era Of Darkness... A world facing annihilation. Epic battles and gritty action. Dark magic and horrendous monstrosities. Impossible odds. Defeat and despair.

The Fate Of Luminar is a tale from the Era Of Darkness, set in the Human village closest to the mysterious Wall of Light. What the villagers of Luminar endure may soon befall an entire world...

After a hard day working in the fields, Deris visits the tavern with his friend Roden before returning to his wife and children for the night. He goes to sleep as normal – unaware that his rest will be broken by sinister events…

First, the Wall of Light will fall – plunging Luminar into darkness, something its inhabitants have never experienced.
Then the demons will come – brutal, hideous invaders that destroy everything they encounter.

Amid the appalling chaos and slaughter, Deris tries desperately to save his family and friends. But can anyone in Luminar possibly survive?

This is a standalone story taken from Era Of Darkness Volume I. It is the third in the Short Tales series. Both war-torn volumes of the Era Of Darkness Saga are now available, plus the first in the Survival spin-off series: ‘Slaughter At Ghastar’.

Reviews from this author’s fantasy releases:

…for the Era Of Darkness saga:
“Wow! The world Ian Thompson created for Era of Darkness is immense, and his cast of characters is huge. Luckily, Mr. Thompson is a fantastic guide. He drops you in the middle of the action and leads you through a world bracing itself against its inevitable demise. The action is intense, the battles are brutal, and the characters are complex and very real. What a great story! …I did thoroughly enjoy this story, and I will be picking up Era of Darkness Volume II: Extinction. If you love heart-pumping action and vicious battles, you have to read this book. However, I must warn. The action is brutal and gruesome. If you're squeamish about blood (or organs exploding or bones shattering), you may want to avoid this one.”
“…vividly descriptive with an almost metered artistry…”
“…Fast and furious paced action fantasy. Great characters that you really care for. Battles are huge and bloodthirsty. Cool races and well-designed monsters. A cracking-good read... “
“I was impressed by the quality of the storytelling... an enthralling mix... a solid read”
“...intense battles, incredible dark magic... so many twists and turns... I loved it”
“I was completely sucked in and captivated from the first page”
“...mixture of fantasy, mystery, loyalty that make it a one of a kind story”
“Wonderful characters and an even better story”
“This was my first peek at this series and author. I'll definitely be reading more from him. This is an interesting short read. Lots of action and sometimes gory descriptive details. It's a nice introduction to a couple of the characters and really sets the stage for what's to come. This appears to be a vast new world that I'm ready to learn more about.”
…for the Hector Reborn saga:
“…I couldn’t put it down. Amongst all the fantasy and action, the strongest part of the story is Hector’s character. He is governed by honour and loyalty – which not only leads him into conflict, but leads him to cause a disaster. We see many sides of him, from his personal strength, to his heartbreak and loss, to a desperation to fix the terrible things he causes… to him being almost destroyed by another twist in the novel… very cleverly written – I highly recommend this book.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
12 June
Ian Thompson

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