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Priding herself on her hunting skills and fiercely independent, Rowan spent her first fifteen years living in the solitary highlands of 14th century Scotland. Abandoned as a babe but rescued by Elden the Seer, Rowan believes she is a child of the woods, never admitting even to herself the secret sadness of being a forsaken child. Elden the Seer has visions of the future. But secrets of the past are circling to once again claim a woman he loves. The first time it was his mother, the Highland Witch. Now it is her daughter and his half-sister, Rowan. There is power in this family yes, but is it enough to forestall another death? Colin of Dunrobin, helped defeat the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. His reward? Castle Lochalsh. But the prize comes with the obligation to marry the English daughter of the castle’s defeated owner Lord Landsmere. It is this daughter, Gwynneth, who holds close to her twisted heart the hope of revenging the death of her parents. At sixteen years of age she has the English contempt for the highlanders and carries seeds of her mother’s love of the dark arts. A brief glimpse of Rowan hunting, and his subsequent marriage to Gwynneth begins Colin’s unknowing journey into the prophecy of Thomas the Rhymer. “A wall of stone is a gift well said but within its heart is a depth of dread. With a hunter’s speed there comes the song: to claim the gift is to right the wrong.” This ‘wrong’ began when the English pushed aside ruins of an ancient church to build castle Lochalsh. This ‘wrong’ continued with the death of the Highland Witch at the hands of Lady Landsmere. This wrong’ is back once again. Only Colin can make it right. And only Elden the Seer can guide the headstrong Rowan, keeping her from the fate of the Highland Witch.

July 2
Karen Jones

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