The Land of the Ancient Vyrajian Gods. Book 5. Wedding and Death

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Excerpts from the book:
In early spring, Meister von Hogerfest received a message from Dietrich Voltingen, in which he announced that he was planning to stay in Linsburg with his relative Landkomtur. On the trip he will be accompanied by the dear daughter Eva.
Friedrich put down the letter. His face was clouded.
Zelma at that moment was looking for her master in order to agree on a number of economic issues, and looked into the office. Friedrich sat at a wide desk, according to legend, made of the sacred oak of the Western Veneti.
The woman immediately understood his mood.
“My master!” she said. “What made you sad? Is our son Wulf guilty?”
Friedrich got up from the table and rushed towards the concubine.
“No, no... Wulf is the wonderful child. Since I entrusted his upbringing to Marshal Kurt Saxon, he has been giving me more and more joy every day.”
“Yes, my master, Kurt of Saxony is a valiant man and warrior. It is a pity that the plague deprived his family many years ago,” Zelma sympathized. “I see how he loves Wulf, like his own son.”
“I cannot deprive him of this pleasure. Kurt is my vassal. Now there is no military action, and he had nowhere to direct ardor and energy, until I called him to Hammaburg and entrusted the education of Wulf. Now he is completely busy with the boy. But…”
Zelma involuntarily shuddered. From experience, she knew that “but” in a similar tone from the lips of the Meister did not portend anything good.
“What happened, my master? Tell me? Have I not shown you my loyalty over the past five years?” sincerely asked Zelma.
The Meister could not stand the tension and attracted a woman in himself, hugging her.
“Zelma... Zelma... I must tell you,” he began, and he himself was surprised at his indecision.
Zelma pulled away from Friedrich and looked into his eyes. Over the years spent together, he turned gray, his face was decorated with premature wrinkles. Zelma was still beautiful and desirable.
The woman kissed Friedrich. He answered her kiss.
“Soon I will go to Linsburg,” said the Meister and pulled away from the concubine.
“Why is this trip so bothering you?”
“Grandmeister Voltingen and his daughter Eva intend to arrive in Linsburg.”
Zelma lowered her eyes.
“I understood everything, my master. Eva Voltingen is your bride. Are you officially engaged to her?”
“No... But the Grandmeister considers our marriage a settled matter.”
Zelma's heart was breaking from her chest. Over the years spent in the castle, she got used to a well-fed, rich and calm life. Gradually the pain of losing the family eased, the image of Lesyar began to move away...
Domestic servants showed Zelma all respect and reverence. Wulf was considered the heir to the Meister, albeit illegitimate. What will happen when Friedrich marries Eve?..

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 October
Elena Kryuchkova

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