The Pixelated World

Publisher Description

A global cyber pandemic sends the human race into turmoil...

Children are experimented on and their bio-enhancements are sold to consumers...

Could the year 2070 get anymore messed up?

The Pixelated World, is a world of brand new beginnings. Quadrillionaire couple Dusan and Melanie have helped create a cyber-utopia through the R.I Project, filling the world with affordable and innovative tech. But beneath the surface a much darker world lingers....

The R.I Project has divided society. There are the consumers: the ones who glorify it and believe it is their duty to purchase,consume and conform. Then there are the non-consumers: those who defy The RI Project's questionable ethics and pledge to never forget the pre-modern world. Squatting in the lower-level, treated as outcasts , they suffer as a result of the new consumer cities built to drain harmful gases into the underworld where the non-consumer 'scum' reside.

Soyala is a Zero Point Cerebe - one of sciences most elite experiments who has been manipulated her entire life. She is forced to face hidden secrets from her past... was she born an experiment? Or did she belong to a family who loved her dearly? Scientists have been playing with her mind for two decades, uploading memories, infiltrating her body with bio-mechanics, but now, its time to turn the tables.

When the 50 young experiments surface following an unexpected cyber catastrophe, society  forgets about human rights and craves the hopes of becoming enhanced humans with super-strength, instantly healing bionic skin and mind-bending In-Body-Innovation.

Soy realises the cyber pandemic is surrounded by mystery that points directly to her so-called 'mother'. Now she must decide whether to embark on a dangerous adventure where she discovers who she can really trust. A journey where the meaning of 'human' is slowly shifting. Or will she conform and sell her soul to the initiative? But Soy must decide quickly, or else her Bio-enhancements just might decide for her.....

Book 1 

Book 1 introduces the reader to a spirited young experiment who is way too clever for her own good. Unlike others of her kind, she knows she doesn’t belong there and knows the scientists are hiding something. But as Cerebe 0.1 soon discovers, theories get easily ignored.

A team of sinister scientists concoct a plan unlike any other that will threaten the human race and their leader plans to do it with style. To do so however, The Pixelated Worlds leaders Melanie and Dusan must be overthrown. In a world filled with personality altering drugs, tech with no limitations, Flysuits and 6.1 billion consumers willing to die for their leaders, will they manage to pull it off?

Fiction & Literature
5 June
Dexter Holloway

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