The Survival of a Civilization. The Ring of Fire The Survival of a Civilization. The Ring of Fire

The Survival of a Civilization. The Ring of Fire

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My dear warm-hearted reader,

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime!? All you need is a drop of courage, and the adrenaline will get you right in the middle of this adventure. In my story, no one feels SAFE, and life has a single purpose: SURVIVAL!

All you can see now is a cover captivating your eyes. Isn’t it wonderful? But when you hold the book in your hands, you will discover places and people who will leave their mark on your life. The beginning reveals a titanic fight between two kings of nature – the King of the Dry Land and the King of the Seas. One fights in order to cross the seas and augment his territories, the other one want his turbid waters to invade the land. And because they are equally powerful, the line of war is almost always at the shore. A balance that prevents their advancement on the enemy territory.
Until one day when the “Legend of the Four Sons” disrupts this balance, and the Kingdom of the Seas invades mercilessly the Kingdom of the Dry Land, breaking it into a number of islands; over time, only four pieces of land are left amidst the seas; on them – four port-towns: Isbynorr, Narzomand, Salgornu, and Zendovir. On the other hand, the Kingdom of the Dry Land sends its explorers to cross the endless seas in search of other territories. Even so, nature seems to be unfair; it has some gifts for some and almost nothing for others…

This is the setting; now for the actors. We have the four governors of districts, Stephen, Olympia, Theodore, and Elena, then skilled captains who cross the infinite seas, aboard all sorts of ships; there is also a king who lives his old age under the dark star of a somber destiny, his life called into question. There is the fascinating love story of Amelia and Tudor, and we also have the bright wanderers Tiťi and Bum, an orphan boy and his pet, who put smiles on the face of a world put to hard tests. There are various dishes that tempt any respectable gourmand, carefully prepared by innkeeper Francis and his loving wife, Natalia. There are old sages and young apprentices who imprint on the story a touch of knowledge you won’t see everywhere. There are many others who appear just enough to please you and to share their deep experiences.

But since the submerging of the land under the waters is not enough for survival, the landscape is also populated by power-blinded people, such as the Badrokels, who have a single purpose – the royal throne. The events unfold quickly, and people are slow to understand that their lands are swallowed by the waters and that they have no escape, because, in the distance, everything is hindered by an immense wall of active volcanoes imprisoning them seemingly forever. They now believe their end is near and that may tomorrow will never come for them. Before they die, they try to SURVIVE against the unleashed nature and against their dangerous foes.

Everything is an adventure, and each event, each character will enchant your eyes. They hope to survive! Do you have any HOPE for something GREAT? Do you feel SAFE? You can answer these questions on your own! QUENCH your curiosity RIGHT NOW! Arrrrrrrgh!

Fiction & Literature
4 January
Liviu C Tudose

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