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These, are the Forth chronicles of the Iceni tribe which tell the story of Boudicca, and Prasutagus, who have become the King and Queen of the Iceni tribe, at the time of the second Roman invasion of Britain.  As the winds of War sweep across the lands of Britain, so must the Romans try to capture and destroy the druid sect at their Holy Island they know as Mona Insulis?

 A time when the might of Rome was to fall on the tribes there and attempt to destroy their holy men. The Druids of Gybi and their deep magic. A critical time in the histories of Britain when they must choose to submit to the legions of Rome or stand against them to protect their way of life.

This is a story Myriddin-Hu-Emery's shall tell in these chronicles as he is witness to the struggle between light and darkness, which begins with the Chosen.

It is also the fight for their independence against the might of Rome and here we shall meet 'The Chosen,' who will fight for their dark master Annwn and use the Talismans to destroy 'Avalon,' and thereby to return to the physical world. So must our Chronicler return to the life and times of the Chosen who serve the forces of Light and the Dark Seekers who would destroy the lands so that in the chaos they can bring forth their dark master from his prison.

Fiction & Literature
November 6
Ray Jones

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