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Orcinus Orca: Killer Whale. Largest of the Dolphin Species

Relentlessly stalked in her sleep by a killer whale, one who is responsible for the deaths of three of his trainers over the course of thirty-three years, Della Hunley questions the significance of these so called encounters. The bull orca will stop at nothing in enlisting her help to get all the captive orcas released into the wild. After he takes her to a sacred site known only to the whales, located in the depths of the ocean, Della wonders if she’s ‘lost it’.
The implausibility of her task is somewhat lessened when a renowned marine mammal scientist joins forces with her in the uphill battle to release the orcas. After their first attempt at convincing the marine parks’ powers-that-be is unsuccessful, the orca does the unthinkable and the lives of fifteen children are at stake.
Now, Della must prove to the unyielding park’s executives that releasing the whales is directly related to saving the children. She is certain that the sacred site is the key to achieving this. All she has to do is convince them of its existence and then solve the puzzle of its location. This is more complicated than it seems since she has only seen it in her dreams. After the executives finally agree to wait and see if she is telling the truth, Della along with five other sympathizers for the cause set out on a deep underwater expedition to locate the sacred site. While they cruise the ocean’s floor in a high-tech submersible, they get more than they bargained for when they come face to face with a mysterious force and the prospect of being lost forever.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 1
Gi Arena