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The Stable family, including Paul and Mary, and their two twins Jack and Jill, had moved to another part of the country. When they arrived to their new home, it looked more expensive than the rental price they had been given. Well guys, said Paul looking at the building. This is our home for at least one year. So, let's carry in what we might need for this first night. The rest of our belongings will arrive tomorrow. When inside this new home, Jill came running, screaming. When Paul, and Mary looked at her, she was bleeding from her arms and legs. It hurts Mom, she cried out as she fell unconscious to the floor. Jack came running, and he had started to bleed as well. What is happening? Asked Mary, And as she looked at Paul she saw that even he was bleeding. Are we all going to die? She asked as she fell unconscious to the floor. When the truck arrived next day with their belongings, and the driver saw the four bodies, and all the blood he phoned 9-11 and report it. The police including the homicide squad arrived, and detective Ron Stewart right away contacted the FBI for help. Agent Donald McLeod contacted his friend Jack Lord, and his partner Belle. The four dead bodies had been drained of blood. As each body contains six quarts of blood, there were six gallon of blood on the floor, Or approximately 24 liter blood. Jack Lord with his ESP, could feel there was another presence, and with his mental power he forced the ghost Schroeder to become visible. Schroeder proudly told them that the dead people, or the spirits had so far killed over three thousand people. McLeod contacted his former boss Werner in Boston. Werner immediately saw the danger, and with a weapon designed to kill aliens, he shot three spirits that turned in to smoke. The new weapon worked so well, that they succeeded to stop the Spirits. One of the spirits they had killed, came back as a semi living entity. He looked like he was on fire, without any flames. I have become a new type of existence. I need no food, and I get all my power right from the sun. It didn't take long for our four friends to realize the advantage, and with the help of this new power being they all got their everlasting power bodies.

Crime & Thrillers
April 9
Bo Widerberg

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