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Trading involves its own batch of emotions that bring considerable damage to productivity. Think about the pressure felt by the trader who needs to find good stocks, make good transactions at the right time and analyze the various sources of information. That is a significant amount of daily stress. Optimism, despair, and panic are emotions the trader can feel in less than five minutes.

Trading Psychology in the Zone is the study of behavior and the management of the trader's emotions. It's the analysis of his mood when the trader buys and sells on the financial markets. Trading psychology is an angle that influences both the aggressive trader and the long-term investor who trades sporadically.

One day or another, each emotion will have a negative impact on your capacity of being systematically profitable. This book contains several illustrations and stock market graphs that will help the reader to assimilate the impact of emotions and the role they play in our trading decisions. This book is mainly aimed at new investors who have basic technical analysis knowledge. 

 Among other things, in this book, you will learn about: 

• The comprehension of emotions in a winning and losing stage
• The impact of emotional traps
• The mastery of self-discipline and its benefits
• The tricks for improving your chances of success
• The importance of a trading plan and its rules 

To gain a better understanding of the emotional side of trading, the author presents an improved concept that correlates emotions to stock market cycles. Emotion management is an extra tool added to technical analysis and fundamental analysis in order to maximize their productivity and the trading in the zone.

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September 1
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