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What is the major muscle of a rib eye steak? What is the landmark for separation of the forequarter from the hindquarter? What is the "packinghouse" term for the diaphragm? If you cannot answer these questions now, you will be able to when you have completed this subcourse, and you will also know the answers to many other questions. For those of you that already know this material, let it serve as a review.

Why are we interested in red meats? Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) procures hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of red meats each year for the Armed Forces. As a veterinary food inspection specialist, it is very important to have a working knowledge of red meats. You must understand the scientific terminology as well as the common or packinghouse terms. In order to protect the health of the troops as well as the financial interests of the government, the veterinary food inspection specialist must be able to perform the destination and surveillance inspections of red meats.

CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION TO THE TERMINOLOGY OF RED MEATS * Section I. Introduction * Section II. Terms * Section III. Wholesomeness * Section IV. References Exercises * CHAPTER 2 - INTRODUCTION TO BEEF * Section I. General Knowledge * Section II. Grading of Beef Exercises * CHAPTER 3 - INSPECTION OF CARCASS, WHOLESALE AND MARKET-READY CUTS OF BEEF * Section I. Inspection of Carcass Beef * Section II. Inspection of Wholesale and Market-Ready Cuts of Beef * Section III. Inspection Procedures for Meat and/or Meat Products * Exercises * CHAPTER 4 - INSPECTION OF BEEF ROASTS AND STEAKS * Section I. General * Section II. Inspection of Beef Roasts and Steaks * Section III. Determining Fat Content of Ground Beef * Exercises * CHAPTER 5 - INSPECTION OF WHOLESALE MARKET CUTS OF PORK AND PORK LOIN ROASTS AND SLICES * Section I. Introduction to Pork * Section II. Inspection of Wholesale Market Cuts of Pork and Pork Loin Roasts and Slices * Exercises * CHAPTER 6 - INSPECTION OF COOKED, CURED, AND/OR SMOKED PRODUCTS * Section I. Curing Meat * Section II. Smoking Meat * Section III. Sausage * Section IV. Inspection of Cooked, Cured, and/or Smoked Products

This subcourse is approved for resident and correspondence course instruction. It reflects the current thought of the Academy of Health Sciences and conforms to printed Department of the Army doctrine as closely as currently possible.

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October 16
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