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These days many people are fascinated with the art of cooking.  Some chefs are put up on a pedestal, achieving the fame of actors and there is a love affair with cooking which seems to be relentless.    From those who diligently watch the Food TV Network, to the weekend at home gourmet chef, many talk about their dream of going to culinary school one day.  When people learn that you are actually planning to attend a cooking school, their appetites are whetted for much more.   Everyone says, Tell us what it is really like at culinary school.  The perception of what it will be like to attend culinary school and what it was really like has not been compared until now.  This is a story written by a former culinary student.  I have no experience as a celebrity from television and I do not own my own famous restaurant.  The story is unique because everyone can relate to this behind the scene look at culinary school from a candid and comical approach.

Uncut: The Inside Story of Culinary School shares the educational perspective from a refreshing down to earth and frank approach.   You will travel through culinary school as though you were right there in the classroom each and every day.  The antics of the students will keep you laughing, as you realize that nobody has ever before shared these behind the scene stories about attending culinary school.   From the first day in food history class and sanitation, to first aid, including the first day of using the knives.  You will laugh and you will cry at this account of a diligent effort to learn to cook the way the chef instructors expect you to.  Historical information and facts regarding cooking are also included in the story.   In addition, recipes are also included.

Food & Drink
September 14

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