Vacation Proposition

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All Teri wanted was a romantic two-week vacation with her boyfriend at a luxury resort. What she got was in some ways, very romantic. Except it wasn’t with her boyfriend that Teri got romantically involved with. In fact, it was many people and to call what she did romantic would be stretching it but for Teri, it was the best vacation she could imagine.

The vacation was meant to be a de-stressor for her and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend had been going through a rough patch and it was causing friction between them. Teri was hoping this vacation would put their relationship back on track. Unfortunately, or as Teri reminisced, fortunate for her, that the vacation did not turned out as planned. Things went wrong from the get go when her boyfriend refused to leave the room to enjoy the resort but decided he rather watch football. After a huge argument, the boyfriend was on the first flight home, leaving Teri two weeks by herself.

Luckily, the room had already been paid for in advance. The problem for Teri was that she really didn’t have any extra spending money to use at the resort. She had all types of activities planned but all of them took money and now she only had her part left for those activities and her part didn’t add up to too much. Teri was determined though to enjoy her vacation despite the lack of funds. Kiddingly she thought to herself that she might find a rich man to take care of her needs.

Teri decided to put on a sexy cocktail dress and go down to the local bar and have herself a drink to start her single vacation. Different men tried to hit on her but she politely rebuked them. Looking around, Teri realized there were “working women” around and the men mistook her for one. One of those women, Sue, introduced herself. The information Sue shared with Teri was very informative and Teri was about to use that information.

Unbeknownst to her, that rich man she thought about was about to enter her life and take care of her needs but as it was going to turn out, she was going to be taking care of his needs.

Have you ever watched the movie “Pretty Woman”? Teri was going to be that “Pretty Woman” but with a huge twist.

Fiction & Literature
8 March
Sue Teri

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