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BONUS - 16 Sweet recipes for vegans!

Once you have made the decision to become vegan, the next hurdle is how to even go about it! Sure, the diet involves excluding any products that come from animals, but does that mean you have to live your life eating lettuce and carrots? Don’t panic, there’s a lot more to the diet than that, and this book will show you not only what to eat, but how to cook it!

Enclosed within these pages is everything you could ever possibly need to know about following a vegan diet. The basic rules of veganism are covered right at the start of the book to set you off on the right foot. Following on from that, we take a look at the types of foods that are suitable, and how you can still get necessary protein without eating meat.

There is a chapter especially for your pantry needs. Having certain foods in stock at all times means that you can create a delightful meal with minimum fuss, and there is no chance of you being tempted. Just to make things even easier for you, there is also an 8 week meal plan to help you get started along with 30 recipes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. And just for a special treat, there is a whole chapter devoted to sweetness. What more could you need? Enjoy your new lifestyle and the benefits it holds, and get cooking!

Chapters Include:

Vegan Basics

Where to Find Protein

Vegan Substitutes

Pantry Essentials

8 Week Meal Plan

Recipes, recipes and more recipes!

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February 15
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