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Attila Hildmann is the star of vegan cuisine and the most well-known vegan cook in Europe. The aspiring physicist and fitness fan has demonstrated to millions of people on numerous TV shows that cooking without animal products is not only healthy, but most importantly, also really delicious. His cookbooks have consistently been Number 1 on the bestseller lists in Germany, which is the second largest book market in the world. They have sparked a megatrend that led to many of the products that are called for in the book being sold out for weeks. Attila is even able to easily conjure up hearty flavors like those you are familiar with from meat. And his recipes are often incredibly simple. Many of the recipes work well as snacks or for the office, and they'll add healthy variety to your diet. After trying recipes like vegan burgers, spaghetti carbonara, cashew ice cream, pralines, and tasty smoothies, people with a normal diet will soon become fans of healthy foods that don't contain cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, flavor enhancers, or other additives. With his non-dogmatic views, Attila Hildmann represents a new generation of people who want to eat healthy foods that are free of factory farming and products manipulated by the food industry. He believes that everyone who eats vegan one or two days a week or has one vegan meal a day will experience significant health benefits and a greater quality of life.The best example of the healthy benefits of a vegan diet is Attila Hildmann himself. He went from being a significantly overweight young man, who as he today says lacked motivation, to a model athlete full of energy within just a few years.

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August 18
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