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When Breath Becomes Air: A Detailed Summary

When Breath Becomes Air is a bestselling book written by Paul Kalanithi. The book is actually a memoir, which embodies both the life and death of one man. When Breath Becomes Air is Amazon’s Best Book of 2016, which only emphasizes the overall quality of the book. 

But before we say something about the book, let’s say something about the author. 

Paul Kalanithi, besides being a great writer, is also an excellent neurosurgeon. He studied English literature and human biology, which earned him two B.A. degrees and an M.A. at the University of Stanford. Kalanithi also went to Cambridge in order to study medicine there. There he managed to earn an M. Phil both in philosophy and in the history of medicine. But that was not all. He also graduated cum laude from Yale School of Medicine and after his residency and post-doctoral study back at Stanford, Kalanithi received the highest possible honors for his research and studies. 

Unfortunately, Paul Kalanithi died in 2015, while working on his book When Breath Becomes Air

The author starts by writing about his coming of age, both as a writer and a medical professional. Later in the book, we read about the author’s chronicles and his battle with stage IV lung cancer. The best thing about this book is that it offers amazing insight on the meaning of life and also on the ultimate significance of death. Even though death is something most people fear, it is something that is inevitable and something that waits for every one of us.   

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