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Inside of us is a relativity that runs as deep as the ocean can get and as hot as the sun can burn. There’s no wonder why nature and space can really be so fascinating and reassuring to our meaning. The contents in our being, the substance to our relativity is so vast and distant that it holds stars and galaxies, but also so small and close that it cannot even be seen or felt inside the palm of your hand. We are infinitely relative to the basis of all that exists whether it’s perceived or not.
It doesn’t matter what religion you believe, what country you come from, or what color your skin is because you’re still relative to humanity, as humanity is relative to life, as life is relative to matter, as matter is relative to space, space to time, and so on a so forth. We’re dimensional incorporations to a fabric that’s woven from a collective relativity and stretched comparative to that of a dividing singularity. We’re interweaving expressions of each other that elaborate the function of our basis: that explains and proclaims the word in our own various and collective collaborations.

All of our credit, belongings and possessions have to go back to the source in which they came, but should also be done with pride, in love, and in thanksgiving for it’s opportunity and our chance to experience. The experience, however, is a part of the legacy that will be contributed to the collective experience and added back to the source of the singular consciousness. The content in which we safeguard with our body and express through our representation, will pass on in the link of experience and chain of consciousness. We’re all relative to its basis and the passion to which it’s professed should also be made to that of relation.

We shouldn’t hang our relative ground to simple devise and petty similarity like race, nationality or religion, but remain passionate to understanding and relative to purpose and meaning. The word is a vindication from a meaningless life and is an ultimatum to a higher purpose that is just passed a threshold of your own demise. The word is the content in which the house of your body safeguards as you transmit your experience to the universal plane of infinite oneness with the source of our existence.

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November 19
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