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YOU are My Hero! is the second volume in the Joey’s Ups with Downs Series talking about Joey’s life experiences having Down Syndrome. YOU are My Hero! was inspired by God, unemployment, bully awareness passion, my husband Karl and my oldest brother Joey Solinsky. This book brought freedom and healing and reminded me of all that Joey has influenced in my life and of those around him and made me who I am today. Let this everyday Hero story impact you today! Each page includes an interactive question to discuss what attributes make an everyday hero that we all naturally have. Also included are classroom application pages.
Marianne Marts is the youngest of six children and the only girl. She is a special education teacher and advocate by trade and a sister by heart. Being Joey’s guardian isn’t always easy, but most often it is a blessing. Many life lessons and much joy have come from being Joey’s guardian. For many years Marianne has envisioned a series of books and resources (www.joeysupswithdowns.com) to help communities and families understand the needs of people with disabilities to be just like everyone else. Join our blog….at www.joeysupswithdowns.com tell us your stories; ask advocacy and resource questions or brag! Also join us on www.facebook.com/joeysup and/or twitter:joeysupswdowns.
Karl Marts is an electrician by trade and an extremely supportive brother-in-law and husband. Karl exemplifies how having a family member with special needs changes you for the better.
Joey Solinsky, the oldest of six children, has Down syndrome. He works in a local barbershop sweeping hair and enjoys a massage every other week. Joey lives in a group home. His interests include watching old TV shows, listening to his radio on his headphones, writing his calendars and tap dancing for pretty girls! It is hard not to smile when Joey is around.

March 31
Marianne Marts

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