Your Name is Not Anxious Your Name is Not Anxious

Your Name is Not Anxious

A Very Personal Guide To Putting Anxiety In Its Place

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Publisher Description

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, embraces a whole body, whole-self approach to radically reduce stress, quieten anxiety, and return power to each reader through strong, self-supporting solutions you can use in daily life.

Anxiety and stress are wildfire problems. Why is no secret. You live in a crazily stressful world. What you can do right now needs urgent addressing.

With consummate insight and compassion, Stephanie Dowrick offers a new way to look at anxiety (and yourself) that is accessible, supportive and immediately effective. Drawing on decades of professional experience, her own story, plus the latest in mind-body-brain insights, she puts workable knowledge into your hands

Always inspiring, always practical, this book returns the life-changing power of choice and inner security to you-where they belong.

'Read. This. Book. It's a lifesaver.' - Magda Szubanski AO

'Through her rich experience and diverse training and expertise, Dr Dowrick has made an array of connected insights accessible to us all: a timely gift in our anxious and troubled world.' - Patrick McGorry AO, Professor of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne

'One of the most useful books I have read in over 40 years as a psychotherapist.' - Helen Palmer, Director, Psychosynthesis Education & Research, New Zealand

'Stephanie Dowrick has drawn on decades of research, insight and experience to put anxiety in its proper context: body, mind and soul.' - Tom Tilley, Television and radio presenter, author of Speaking in Tongues

'Wise, insightful and, most importantly, genuinely useful.' - Nigel Marsh, author, host of Five of My Life

'Beautifully written by one of the most authentic teachers of our time ' - Tao de Haas, Clinical Psychotherapist and Coach

'A rousing affirmation for everyone who has felt like they are nothing more than a diagnosis. Stephanie Dowrick gets to the heart of what it means to be anxious.' - Dr Neela Janakiramanan, reconstructive surgeon, author of The Registrar

'Such a comfort of a book, and so very important right now. Stephanie Dowrick's insight, wisdom and generosity shine from every page. I want a copy by my bed!' - Kathryn Heyman, PhD, author of Fury

'As a consummate storyteller, Dr Stephanie Dowrick knows that we all carry the most important healing stories within us, if we learn to open ourselves to their stirring presence and power. ' - Mark S. Burrows, PhD, author of Meister Eckhart's Book of Darkness and Life

'This book is so comforting and JOYFUL It gives us a way out, to learn to tame our dragons rather than going full-bore slaying.' - Jenna Price, PhD, journalist and social commentator

'This is a book I would thoroughly recommend to people who consult me for counselling.' - Dr Josie McSkimming, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

'Both profound and profoundly helpful.' - Richard Griffiths, PhD, Mental Health Advocate

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4 July
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