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30 Portuguese Short Stories for Complete Beginners One of the smartest ways to improve fluency is to listen to stories in your chosen language. Finding appropriate literature can be tough when you’re just starting out, but this collection of 30 short stories is a fun and entertaining way of learning Portuguese vocabulary and grammar. Each story is around 300 words, making them very quick listens without overwhelming you. Crafted for beginners, this is ideal for newcomers who are trying to approach fluency in a natural way. Rapidly Learn New Vocabulary Classes often emphasize the most proper way of speaking and writing a language, but that’s rarely found with native speakers. These stories will help you learn how Portuguese is commonly written and conveyed with natural dialogues and expressions. Following each story is a list of interesting words used in the story along with an English translation. No more reaching for a Portuguese-to-English dictionary when encountering uncommon words. Grasp the Grammar Each story has a mixture of simple dialogue, descriptive sentences, and everything in-between. This allows you to pick up how sentences are commonly written along with how to describe scenery, items, and people, giving you an overall and detailed way of understanding the written language. Reading and Listening Skills Each story is only 300 words, giving you an engaging yet simple story that you can quickly listen through. In this audiobook, you can understand how each word is said and how the sentences should be read. This is narrated by a native Portuguese speaker, ensuring every inflection is correct. With this book you’ll get: 

30 short stories - each story just 300 words long 
Audio from a native Portuguese speaker 
The English translation after each paragraph 

If you want to improve your fluency as quickly and naturally as possible, then this book is ideal. Not only that, but each story is interesting, and you can listen to them in a matter of minutes. 

Amanda Alves de Andrade e Aguiar, Emma Lanners
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September 23
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