Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seeds: The Brave Girl’s Quest for Magical Seeds (Unabridged) Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seeds: The Brave Girl’s Quest for Magical Seeds (Unabridged)

Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seeds: The Brave Girl’s Quest for Magical Seeds (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 3,99 €

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Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seed by A. J. Adam

Listening to inspiring books not only teaches a child about the story being read but also expands their horizons and encourages them to learn more about the world.

A magical adventure awaits you in a children’s book!

Have a little princess at home?

Think your princess-loving girl needs a more well-rounded role model?

Fear not! Young girls often fantasize about being a princess. However, not all princesses laze around the castle.

A. J. Adam penned Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seeds with a captivating mother-love plot and a heroic protagonist. The princess in our short storybook breaks the mold; she is strong, independent, and fearless; she seeks out new adventures and helps people.

A brave and fearless princess narrative:

Let's discover how the story of Princess Anuke unfolds in this engaging princess audiobook!

When Princess Anuke learned that a new girl had arrived in her kingdom, she was overjoyed. She set out to finally meet the new girl named Lily. But Lily was disturbed by the time the princess arrived at her home. When the princess inquired why her worries were so great, Lily said that she had misplaced the seeds for the magical flowers her mother had given her. Because of her deep affection for her mother, Lily wanted to plant flowers in her honor. Princess Anuke discovered animal footprints, so she and Lily set out to find the magical seeds by following the tracks. Anuke had to overcome many challenges, but she never gave up.

We'll have to listen to this adventure story to determine whether Anuke found Lily's magical seeds. And what happens afterwards?

A mesmerizing plot:

Experiencing stories will help you dream bigger and bigger dreams.

This inspirational audiobook for children will transport listeners to an enchanted realm! The brave girl’s unwavering devotion to her people, as well as her leadership, generosity, motherly love, duty, and more, is written in this princess story.

Exciting, robust, and brimming book with a creative spirit, you'll find:

Page Count: This princess book for three-year-olds has 644 words, and it's sure to cheer up any child's day.

Written by: A.J. Adam wrote this magical book for all mothers, here or elsewhere, with love and gratitude.

Written for: Written for young listeners between three and eight, Princess Anuke and the Magical Flower Seeds is a delightful bedtime storybook for kids.

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