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Do you know that most people think learning about Python and machine learning is hard? 

But it can be simple when you read/listen to a book that breaks down the whole thing!

This step-by-step, easy-to-listen audiobook shows you and prepares you for a luxurious journey into the world of Python and machine learning.

If you are tired of spinning the wheel about knowing the fundamentals of data science, this audiobook is for you.

The approaches of this audiobook draw from several examples and cutting-edge scientific studies on the topic.

You are a few steps away from knowing everything about python and machine learning! Everything!

Here are a few things you will learn:

What data science and application are, why they’re important; what the life cycle and the secret ingredients of data scientists are (with several details and extensive examples)

What probability, fundamental, statistics are and why you need to know them

Why linear algebra is important and how you can visualize linear algebra problems representations (with examples)

What are the things you need to know about artificial intelligence?

How you can start with machine learning and why you need to understand the fundamentals; the jars of machine learning and how many they are; what the road maps to machine learning are

Everything you need to know about algorithms, data types, and statistical methods

What is Python, and how do you “break the ice” with the environment setup in Python; some priceless benefits of it; what the differences are between Python and other languages; machine learning with Python ecosystem; clear and concise detail about the strengths and weaknesses of Python; (Details of the best place to start inside)

How to load data for machine learning projects and CSV file

What the types of machine learning are, and what their impacts are to amplify various elements of business operations

What you need to know about Django

K-Nearest Neighbors and K-Means Clustering - what they are and how you can use them for regression and classification

Plus, plenty of examples.

 Inside, you have full access to comprehensive details about all of these topics and more.

If you want to know proper order for your algorithms, some secrets about descriptive statistics, and how your data can complement all prerequisites, buy this audiobook.

Even if you think it will be difficult, don't worry, because with this complete guide the access to the world of Python machine learning will be easier and you can do it!

This audiobook will change the way you look at Python and machine learning.

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