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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a book summary of Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and is not the original book.

If you want a set of negotiating skills that will work in your favor every single time, then listen to this advice from Chris Voss. Voss worked in the FBI for more than two decades and 15 of those years he spent as a hostage negotiator. Dealing with international drug traffickers, powerful terrorists, and professional kidnappers have taught him a thing or two about successful negotiating. What Voss discovered is that negotiating is anything but logical and rational and is, in fact, shrouded in emotions, undiscovered needs, and burning desires. 

Perhaps you are a salesperson and are finding it difficult to get a decent success rate of sales. Or maybe you want to negotiate a pay rise or a discount on your rent but you don’t know how. Or it could be you’re good at building rapport but struggle to close the final deal. This book will tell you how to refine and apply your negotiating skills effectively. Each lesson is embedded in psychology and a deep understanding of how the human mind works. Knowing these details will help you get what you want from every negotiation while still leaving your counterpart feeling like they got a fair deal, too. This book gives you a detailed summary of the most important lessons taken from Never Split the Difference. You will find an overview of the situations Voss encountered, which negotiating skills were learned from them, and how you can apply them to real-life events. In this book, you will discover:

How to build rapport with anyone and make the other person trust you
Your negotiating style and how you can use this to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
How you can create an illusion of control and transform any situation from one of conflict to one of collaboration
How you can get the price you want - anywhere, any time
The best ways to spot liars at the negotiating table and how to uncover the truth of what they truly want

This book allows you to skip to the nuggets of wisdom and actionable content in a very easily absorbed, accessible way, including key takeaways at the end of each chapter. This book summarizes the original in detail to help people effectively understand, articulate, and imbibe the original work by Voss. This book is not meant to replace the original book but to serve as a companion to it.

If you want to learn the best ways to negotiate from someone who has learned negotiation skills as a matter of life or death, then this is the book for you. Buy now to get started.

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Jackie Farrington

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