Toddler Discipline: Effective Guilt-Free Strategies for Toddler Tantrums. Learn Positive and Kind Ways to Create Discipline in and Out of the Home to Help Your Child Grow up Happy and Confident (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 19,99 €

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Are you a new parent trying to figure out the best way to discipline your toddler, but hear conflicting advice and aren't sure which one to follow?

Then I have good news for you today, because your quest ends right here!

Toddler Discipline brims with instructions and practical strategies to educate your little one, even in the most challenging times. 

The age from one to three years is a fantastic period of development, filled with game-playing, love, and a lot of fun. But it also presents many peculiar challenges. Knowing how to manage toddlers in a serene, calm, yet firm way is important both for the child and for the parents. It enables parents to be able to control any stressful situation or episode of anxiety. Furthermore, knowing how to react to every situation will make dealing with this stage in your toddler's life, as a parent, even more beautiful and unforgettable.

In this book, you won't just find the usual recommendations on handling tantrums, but instead you'll discover tons of practical advice concerning many other aspects involved in a toddler's life.

Here's a sampling of what you will discover:

What activities prevent the challenges, and how to create the right kind of learning environment for the child
How to manage challenges 
What different strategies work, and why
Typical mistakes parents make - and how to correct them
What the age-appropriate behavior is depending on the toddler's stage of development
How to deal with difficult behavior with guilt-free strategies
How to understand toddler emotions and learning 

And much more!

This book focuses specifically on how to discipline a toddler. Rather than giving too much theory, it provides lots of practical examples and scenarios about handling a toddler's behavior, which parents can understand and relate to. 

If you want to discover the best strategies to understand and discipline your toddler, then you'll find everything that you're looking for in this book.

Feel ready? Then buy now and start your new parenting adventure.

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