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Do you often hear about "trading", "automatic investments", "make money online", "forex" and similar topics?

Are you new to the game and would like to pursue it following a smoother and more linear path, with the right tools for this journey as a trader and learning to manage your savings independently?

Then you're in the right place!

There is a plethora of information, mostly contradictory, in the thousands of books, courses, and videos talking about trading. Unfortunately, because the web gives “everyone” a voice, it also allows the dissemination of invalid or misleading information, which literally sends people off the beaten path, resulting in loss of time, money and health.

" To me, an educated man is one who knows where to go looking for information the one time in his life when he needs it." (Umberto Eco)

Every day I hear from disappointed people, who have lost part, if not all, of their savings following the advice of alleged trainers, blog articles, and courses that promised monthly earnings, or of videos describing "miraculous" strategies

With this audiobook, I want to say away with all this and make things clear once and for all!

No needless words or arguments: What you listen to will be a practical audiobook with fundamental notions. In these lines, I will try to expose only the best of this universe.

I warn you that mine is a very "earthy" language: You won't find big words, you won't find complicated concepts or university-level language. I would like you to get useful information in the most direct and straightforward way possible.

My goal is to provide you with information that can provide clarity and start you on a successful path in the world of online trading, mainly through the Forex market.

Potentially, trading is within reach of all those who want to improve themselves and manage their finances better.

"There's no need to be a scientist. Trading is not a game where the guy with an IQ of 160 beats the guy with an IQ of 130". (Warren Buffet)

Within this audiobook you will find these topics:

1. Chapter: What is online trading: The basics of trading, the differences between discretionary and algorithmic traders, the operating methods.

2. Chapter: What is Forex: Currency pairs, forex history, Forex players, Brokers.

3. Chapter: Operating Terms: All the indispensable terms to know

4. Basics of Technical Analysis: We will look at the main tools of technical analysis and how to use them

5. Chapter: Operative Strategy for Forex: Forex strategies to be applied immediately, studied with quantitative tools using data from the last 10 years

6. Chapter: Being Trader: The mentality of the trader

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David Pleiss
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Alessio Aloisi