Understanding the Cancer in Your Life for Proactive Evolutionary Astrology Beginners Ready to Maximize All Their Relationships: Simple Steps to Harnessing the Power of Ancient Cosmic Secrets (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 11,99 €

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Discover what’s under cancer's tough shell - use the power of astrology to form the strongest possible relationship with a sensitive Crab in your life.

Cultivate Mutual Acceptance, Facilitate Growth, and Reinforce Purpose to Improve Friendships, Family Bonds, Professional Associations, and Romantic Connections. 

Crabs hide behind their tough shell and often retreat into it, which makes it hard to establish a deep connection with them. 

Navigating a relationship with an introverted, sentimental cancer can be extremely challenging. 

This is the fourth edition in the astrological series that relies on the principles of evolutionary astrology, providing the most complete insight into a particular sign’s psychology.

If you want to develop a deep appreciation for your cancer, know what drives them, and why they behave in a certain manner, this comprehensive guide has all the answers you need.

In Understanding the Cancer in Your Life, you will discover:

An innovative profiling of the Cancer star sign with the most in-depth insight into their mind 
A thorough examination of how a Crab behaves in personal and professional relationships 
An extensive psychological profiling of this star sign that will finally allow you to peek under the hard shell and discover what lies underneath the tough exterior 
Intelligent and sly solutions for dealing with the 3 worst Cancer personality traits 
A captivating tale of the history of astrology that will take you on a journey through the birth of astrology in ancient Babylon… to the popularization of astrology in the modern era 
A complete beginner’s guide on Western astrology and the Zodiac 
An answer to the ultimate question: Is astrology a hoax?
And much more.

If you’re ready to completely figure out the Crab in your life, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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