A Handbook on Wizardry

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A Handbook on Wizardry teaches the secret and ancient art of wizardry. Learn essential magical teachings and practical techniques that will allow you to experience the beauty and force of magic in your life. If you are someone who wants to discover the beauty of real magic, a magic that will allow you to create changes and live a more meaningful life, then this is the handbook for you. Today, many people are also seeking magic in their life. Sadly, their search often ends in vain because they are misguided, and they do not know how to find this true and most genuine magic.

A Handbook on Wizardry has been written so that all those who may have the true passion and sincerity to know and experience magic may be given a chance to discover its beauty and experience its wonders for themselves. This is not a handbook that you read and then simply forget about later on. Rather, this is a handbook that will take you into a magical journey — and if you do it sincerely, then great and magical changes can be expected. 

But what does it mean to be a wizard? A wizard is someone who is skilled and well versed in the sacred and ancient practice of magic. A wizard may be a male or a female. Some females prefer to call themselves witches. It does not really matter how you call yourself, but the important thing is the meaning of the word, which translates to the soul of the magus. As long as you are a practitioner of the craft of magic, then you may consider yourself as a wizard. 

A Handbook on Wizardry teaches the true way of wizardry through theories, magical principles, and actual magical practices. If you are serious about learning the craft of magic, the sacred and highest science known as wizardry, then come and welcome into this journey of change, wonder, and a life that is overflowing with the beauty and mysteries of magic. 

Being a wizard is a wonderful thing, a great and unforgettable experience, and something that is full of power and surprises. Of course, there are also challenges along the way, but they are there so that you can learn and grow more as a wizard as you should be. If you seek true and holy magic, then now is the time for you to cast the most important spell of all: cast yourself. 

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19 de novembro
Albertus Crowley

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