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BACHUKI is the story of a happy-go-lucky bumblebee who sees the world through the lens of a kaleidoscope. For BACHUKI, every day brings new possibilities and the opportunity to do something amazing. But one Winter’s day things seemed different. The colors he saw were darker and he felt a heaviness in the air. He didn’t know that his biggest challenge yet was parked around the corner. VENOM, the COVID19 Coronavirus was the V, the I, the R and the US that gave the world a slam! A tornado with a chip on its shoulder arrived unexpectedly and unannounced and changed BACHUKI’S life as he knew it. He could no longer go to school, visit his POPs, play with his friends or do the things he used to do with his mother, Bina. Yes, things had changed, but how could he change it back and bee a carefree bumblebee again? BACHUKI had to put his fears aside and put his red cape on to be the Superhero the world needed, at least in his own mind.

A charming story about a bee who carries the weight of the pandemic on his wings and always tries to bee his best. He takes you on a journey and introduces you to Vent and Later, Rip, Yank and Pull and the Twins with the same name, as well as Potty Mouth who’s always on a roll, Booger the rootin-tootin belly ache, Al Lergy who loves a good weezer-sneezer and the Crinkles just waiting for the next Hot Shot Snot Parade.

It isn’t long before BACHUKI realizes that VENOM has issues of his own. He listens and tries to understand how this virus became a KING overnight. Confident and witty, BACHUKI gains the trust of the virus and convinces him to go home to deal with his problems and leave the world alone, but before that will happen, BACHUKI throws the most anticipated Event of the Year, a performance by Vicky and the Vaccination Tour.

Come join BACHUKI on his adventure of understanding and healing. He reminds us how important it is to talk and listen especially during trying times. He teaches us to deal with issues before they get out of hand with facts and not fists and to stand up for and protect the things you care about most. BACHUKI is proof that every day we too can do something amazing!

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